Emilio Gras


Director of Practice of the Labor Law Department

Professional Experience

From 2008 to June 2016, Emilio worked as a Senior Associate at the law firm BROSETA Abogados. Prior to this, Emilio worked from 2002 to 2008 as a lawyer specialized in Labor Law at Navarro Asesores SL firm.

He was in charge of:

  • Advising clients in contractual matters both for ordinary contracts (formalities, writing requirements, donation) and those made for senior executives.
  • Advising and supervising of Dismissal procedure.
  • Advising clients on business handover (succession, donation), mergers, acquisition as well as the transfer of the seat of the company.
  • Advising employers about the procedure that needs to be followed regarding just cause dismissal and taking care of drafting the necessary paperwork.
  • Drafting reports of Due Diligence for the acquisition of a company, or relating to its exploitation.
  • Representing and defending clients during litigation related to Labor Law.
  • Representing clients during administrative and judiciary litigations related to the contesting of a dismissal, for liquidation or just cause, authorized by Labor Law Inspector.
  • Informing firms of any possible violation of Labor Law.
  • Advising clients, regarding collective Labor agreements, collective bargaining in particular with the Syndicate.
  • Planning flexible remuneration strategies.
  • Taking care of cases linked to International Labor Law and Comparative Law. He informed and studied the different laws applicable to the situation at the international level
  • He advised as well expatriates and immigrants regarding international contracts of employment

Moreover, Emilio has a proven experience in analysing the legal framework of Labor Law conditions and evaluating the circumstances whether favourable or unfavourable which can emerge when a client is interested in entering into different European markets (such as in France, Italy, Belgium, Greece etc.). Also, he has advised in matters related to expatriation and immigration of senior official and participated in the process of drafting of settlement arrangements, including severance pays, and the consequences in linked matters such as health insurance, visa application, etc.

Finally, Emilio has also advised in matters relating to sea and air transport of passengers and their connection to Labor Law and Social Security issues.


Furthermore, Emilio is a professor in the Master’s Degree in Legal Practice at Universidad Europea

Areas of Experience

Labor Law

Language Capability



  • Master’s degree in Labor Law and Human Resources at the Escuela Superior de Estudios Laborales.
  • Training in Management, Administration of Staff at the “Fundación Formación y Empresa”, at the Escuela Superior de Estudios Laborales.
  • Training in management of companies at the Conselleria d’Ocupació, Indústria i Comerç.
  • Degree in Law from the Universidad de Alicante (1997).


Emilio is author of numerous publications in press and doctrinal articles.

Membership of Professional Associations

  • International Association of Labor Lawyers (AIAL).
  • European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA).
  • Valencia Bar Association.