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Why Lleytons?

Why Lleytons?

At Lleytons we strive to achieve the best in the quality of our services, in the most sophisticated legal advice we provide to our clients and in the excellent treatment we give them, our colleagues and collaborators.

Why Lleytons? Here are some of the reasons why they have chosen our firm:

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Our vision

Our main objective is to be the legal reference for international companies wishing to develop their activity in Spain and Spanish companies seeking to expand their activity abroad. We are aware of the legal needs in several sectors and countries and thanks to this, we seek to dissipate the borders and overcome the legal obstacles that our clients find in local and international environments.

Training, mentoring and professional development

Lleytons professionals receive personalized follow-up, advice and information exchange that will help them achieve the firm’s goals. For Lleytons, continuing education is critical, so our professionals constantly participate in seminars and other forms of training to maximize the use of technologies and business development.

Talent Promotion

At Lleytons we promote talent. Therefore, we look for all those legal professionals who pursue the objective of achieving professional success. At the same time, we want them to be sensitive and adaptable like the orchid, symbol of our firm. They must be aware that individual success is going to revert to the success of all those who make up Lleytons.

Competitive remuneration program

Each professional in the firm is unique and contributes to the development of Lleytons as a brand.

Our merit-based compensation system, including incentives and sometimes, makes it exceed the usual in the legal sector.

Law students

Law students

At Lleytons we look for the best records of law students. Whether you take part in the summer program internships or join the Firm as a junior, you will be part of an exciting environment: you will work on matters for real clients, you will acquire new legal skills and you will be able to build the basis for a rewarding career. In short, you will enjoy the success of Lleytons, as the firm involves all of its professionals regardless of their seniority.

The success of a professional career begins with choosing the right firm. At Lleytons, we provide the mentoring you need through our experienced partners, allowing you to participate in the cases of our important clients and having a comprehensive professional development plan.

If you participate in our summer program, your level of involvement will be the same as that of a junior associate. You’ll work closely with Senior Partners and be present at client meetings to better understand what really concerns them and what they’re looking for in their legal services provider.

Through our monitoring method, we will be able to know what your level of competence is in a real legal environment. Each summer program student will be assigned a mentor who will provide a guide, explain the firm’s policy, resolve your doubts and assist you in that transition between the university and the professional environment.

This is not a one-way communication channel, as we at Lleytons listen to you. Since you will be able to work in different departments, you will be able to identify the area of practice on which you wish to build your career.

Send your application

Send your application

Experienced lawyers

Experienced lawyers

Lleytons is the right firm in which to embark on the new direction of your professional career. We are committed to helping every member of the team make the best professional decisions. We work with you to choose the practice area that matches your interests and skills. Our working environment allows us to reconcile professional and personal life in a balanced way.

At Lleytons we expect the best from each and every member of our team. We have the resources, tools and training to reach the highest level in the work done. At the firm you will have the opportunity to work on sophisticated cases and to have direct contact with the client and partners, being able to test your abilities and aptitudes in a competitive, constantly changing and global environment.