We anticipate the situations and challenges you face in the development of your work

We are a law firm specialized in international law. A cross-border firm that helps clients overcome the legal challenges of competing in a global economy. Lleytons drives the success of international companies in Spain and around the world.

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Every brand has a heart and every company has its raison d’être. Our raison d’être is our passion for international private law. The global economy is moving towards an interconnected and globalized world, where companies are increasingly facing new and complex challenges to access new highly competitive, sophisticated and diversified markets.

Our mission is to help our clients all over the world, whether they are national clients who want to expand their business in other countries, as well as international clients who want to start their business in Spain. For this reason, Lleytons offers a legal service on a global scale, offering our clients comprehensive advice regardless of where their business interests lie, because we are a global company with a local face.

Our vision

Our firm wants to be a reference for international companies that wish to develop their activity in Spain and for Spanish companies that wish to expand their activity abroad.

In the quest for success, we will remain close to our clients, supporting them and offering them the most ingenious solutions to the most complex problems, keeping ourselves at the forefront. At Lleytons we want to dissipate borders and overcome the legal obstacles that our clients face in both local and international environments.

We believe that in our profession talent alone is not enough.
That's why our key values are knowledge, precision, anticipation, commitment and passion in pursuit of excellence in everything we do.




In Lleytons we have a deep knowledge of the peculiarities of the law of each territory and help our clients to adapt their strategy to the local environment so that they grow quickly, safely and efficiently.


Lleytons always seeks to understand its clients’ problems and propose the most effective solutions, implementing them with the highest degree of precision from a conceptual and strategic framework to a strictly legal angle.


Lleytons protects the interests of its clients by anticipating the challenges and problems they may encounter, offering them preventive protection against legal risks arising from their business. We always strive to stay at the forefront.


The goals of our clients are our goals. Therefore, we put all our effort into achieving the results expected by our clients. In any case, we succeed by understanding your business, investing in your success and putting your interests before ours.


At Lleytons we provide the maximum of each of us. We love what we do and the benefit it generates, because happiness and excellence go hand in hand.

Methodology of Lleytons

Methodology of Lleytons

Lleytons is the result of an innovative concept of international law firm, based on the T.U.M.E. model. In a global economic environment characterized by complexity, sophistication of legal rules and plurality of actors, Lleytons’ commitment to innovation in the method and tools of work is constant, as a way to obtain the fastest and most advantageous solution to the challenges and legal problems of the client. All this is achieved through our T.I.A.E. model.

In the end, everything is based on the quality of commitment with legal excellence,
b>an extraordinary customer service and a culture of high performance.
>b>It is about helping customers to achieve legal - and business - results today and in the future.